Download my projects with visual basic programming language!

Hi, this part of my projects is written in visual basic programming language.
I wrote these programs with microsoft visual studio 2015 4 years ago and now they are published on the site.
The source code of these programs is also available to you.
Enjoy this part enough!
First program: advance clock.
With this program you will be able to view your system clock, set an alarm for a specific time when your system clock arrives, and more!
This program is not very capable.
The second program, array.
I have written and provided an example of an array in the visual basic programming language.
The third program, array2.
This is another example of an array.
Fourth program: array3.
This is another example of an array.
In these three programs, we enter values ​​and the program sorts them for us.
The fourth program is the calculator program.
In this program, you can perform mathematical operations.
The fifth program: is an example of a clock, which has less capabilities than the advanced clock program mentioned in the first post.
You can also set alarms for each hour in this program. But when the alarm reaches that time, it shows you a window dialog as an alarm.
Sixth program: converter.
In this program, you can change Rials to Tomans and vice versa, Tomans to Rials.
The language of this program is Persian.
Sixth program: do loop
This program is an example of a loop in visual basic.
By reading the code of the program, you will become aware of the function of the program, and your knowledge will increase.
This do loop is a definite loop that puts 10 numbers next to each other.
Seventh program: do loop while
This program shows a do loop while loop that does nothing until an action is specified for the program.
For example, if Windows has a password, you will not be logged in until you enter it correctly.
This program is an example of a while loop.
Eighth program: calculator2
This program is also a calculator. Of course, it has fewer capabilities than previous calculators.
Ninth program: label
This program is an example of tagging any object that we do using the visual basic language.
Tenth program: listbox
listbox is a list box in which items are placed.
In this program, I have written a listbox, which in the first part, is an editing box in which you write any name and anything in it, and press the add button, in the opposite list, displays what you have added.
With the clear button, you can delete the items you added to the listbox.
Eleventh program: move textbox
In this program, you can move the list items with the up, down, left and right buttons in different directions on the screen.
Twelfth program: radio
In this program, you can choose any of the colors you see. In fact, it is an example of a radio button in visual basic.
Thirteenth program: sort array
This program is an array sorting program.
In this program, you have to write numbers, and after writing each number, press the enter key, at least 10 numbers, the program will take you.
By hitting the run button,The program sorts the numbers.
Fourteenth program: sort array2
This program is another example of sorting arrays.
Fifteenth program: timer
In this program, you have an editbox, which if you enter a number in seconds or minutes, and press the start button, the timer will work. When you hit start, in the editbox
Available, timer values ​​change. Example of timer in visual basic
Sixteenth program: week days
In this program, you can view the days of the week, and enter numbers. For example, if you enter 1, the program will notify you on Saturday. You enter any number,
Gives you the description of the day.
Thank you for reading this post!
Click on this link to download these programs.

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