An introduction of myself!

hi. I am Amir Ali Farkhondehnejad, known as amirali.f. i’m from iran. i’m 18 years old. I work in the field of technologies for the blind and visually impaired, and I am always looking for news about modern and excellent technologies! I am familiar with web development and design work. I am programming in visual basic languages, bgt, python, html and languages ​​that I will get acquainted with later. I am also the developer of some games. I am mostly in the field of technical work on virtual servers. I do technical work related to online games, setting up teamtalk servers, and site design. Ways to contact me: My first email: Second email: If you enter this second email in the skype messenger search box, you will have my Skype ID. You can contact me.
I am completely blind.
I develop various programs and games, especially open source programs and open source games.
I am an audio game developer and program developer and I would like to make a lot of progress in this area.
I am usually a happy and energetic person. But not always. Sometimes the sweet moments of my life appear before my eyes with laughter.
I am a reliable person.
I have a lot of knowledge in any field.
I can not recount all the knowledge I have because of their large number
I do not care what I know, or what I do not know. The most valuable thing for me is to transfer knowledge, to help others, to support friends in any situation,
And solving the problems of friends and others. The important thing is that I pass on everything I know to my friends or others.
How little and how much.
The only thing that keeps me happy, and gives me great motivation and energy, is to support me and my work, and work together to solve my problems.
Aha! I experienced the heaviest sorrows in my life.
I have problems that I have told some of my friends.
The reason for many of my problems is because of a heavy grief that has been in my life in the past and I have been very upset.
My problems may inadvertently hit my friends. I myself am not always happy and full of energy.
My love is music!
I consider love and friendship to be the most valuable thing in my life. And if there is no love in my life, it is as if my dreams and my world are darkened, and a lot of despair takes over my being!
I’m shy most of the time.
I love singing very much.
I really like and support my favorite singer, who is one of the Persian-speaking singers named Mehdi Ahmadvand.
Even in the worst situations of my life, my favorite music calms me down.
I do not like betrayal, nor do I like to slander or harm anyone for no reason.
I will continue to be friends with whoever I become friends with, even when the day comes when my love for him intensifies!
This has always happened to me and is one of my great dreams!
I’m looking to learn more powerful programming languages ​​like c ++, c #, php and web languages ​​and other languages.
I love music and singing and playing. I also like pop songs.
I also have a website: You can see my projects on my website. The games I developed, and the projects that are old and new, are included on my site.
Love and friendship is one of the sweetest inseparable moments in my life!
My new ways of communication: twitter: @f_amirali
telegram: @novinblindsupport.
youtube channel
Discord: @amirali_f82#9664


youtube channel:
Discord: @amirali_f82#9664

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